New Specials

UNWIND Mobile Massage & Spa offers several spa services, so there is definitely something to make you feel great.

You may contact us to schedule your in-home spa service via our website (www.UNWINDmobilespa.com), by text (310-684-3957), phone (877-57-SPA2U) or our mobile site under reservations and we bring our spa services to your family, friends and loved ones!


CALL 877-577-7228

TEXT 310-684-3957

*Services must be within our normal service areas.

Bring a Friend

If a great massage is one of the 7 wonders of the earth, the only way to make it better is to do it with a friend. Whether it’s just your buddy or specifically a couples massage, the first time you include that friend or loved one, their basic massage treatment is specially priced at 10% off our regular pricing. (Other services will be at full price)
So include a new friend every time you have an UNWIND treatment, and every time it will be 10% off.  You’ll soon be everyBODIES best friend.

First Time Visit

When you invite us to visit you the first time, we are quite certain you will be so pleasantly surprised by the UNWIND difference in our approach to Massage, that you will want to schedule another appointment right then and there. Doing so is a huge help to us in our scheduling and planning. So if you are able to help us in this way, we want to give you something back. You will receive a $10 discount just for putting us on the calendar.