Corporate Wellness

Corporate WellnessKeeping your team happy and productive is what you really want as an employer, right?
UNWIND’s Corporate Wellness program is here to help you with this task! We offer several different activities that are easily implemented & you can do all of them right in the comfort of your office. Certified Spa Specialists are available on an as needed, monthly or weekly basis. We will will set up in whatever area you feel best for your team to feel fully supported.

You may choose one activity or create your own mixture for optimal results. These comprehensive wellness workshops that can be provided during lunch or after work. UNWIND requires only a two hour minimum allowing any size company to make employee wellness a healthy priority.

1. Chair Massage ~ An U N W I N D ten to thirty minute chair massage is one way for companies of any size to increase morale and help employees manage their health. Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension in the body decreasing chronic pain and stress. Tightness in the muscles can contribute to headaches, sciatica, tendonitis, and low back pain. Employees appreciate the opportunity to easily reduce their stress and pain right at the office.

2. Reiki ~ A 15 to 30 minute Reiki session is a way to recalibrate your nervous system which will allow your employees to be far more productive and far less irritable. A Reiki session is beyond any massage technique you have ever tried. Reiki reduces stress, promotes relaxation and works together with medical or other therapeutic techniques to aid healing, especially in conjunction with adema, cosmetic surgery or other surgeries. To receive Reiki, you lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table or sit comfortably in a massage chair while your practitioner conducts Reiki energy by placing hands lightly on or near your body. This energy allows for healing of the whole being in body, mind & spirit.

3. Yoga ~ Offering a 1hr yoga session may be just the trick to create harmony in your work environment. Yoga is a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind, tranquility. Yoga can be a positive influence for your team as it increases concentration, reduces stress and builds self confidence.

4. Guided Meditation ~ Your office mated will receive verbal instructions teaching how to relax the entire body, clear the mind, concentrate on breathing to enter into a deep state of relaxation & inner stillness which can lead to a more joyous and productive way of life. Guided meditation may improve your office productivity with such benefits as increased memory and clear thinking, greater feeling of connectedness to others, reduced irritability & moodiness and less stress and worry. Many people prefer guided meditation because it REQUIRES NO PREVIOUS TRAINING OR EFFORT TO ENJOY!

Massage, stretching, meditation, and relaxation exercises can greatly enhance emotional and physical well being, which directly correlates to improved performance at every level. Our comprehensive Corporate Wellness workshops can help with employee retention, motivation, productivity, and overall attitude. Call us now to set up a customized plan for your company.