The spa party at my house was a huge success! We loved all three therapists — they were professional, personable and (most importantly) gave wonderful massages. Several of my guests commented that it was the best massage they’d ever had. Thank you so much for making this happen.”                

~Cynthia Randall~

“UNWIND was spectacular! I had a spa party in my home for 12 moms. Each mom could not stop raving about how wonderful it was to just relax and enjoy the massage. UNWIND was very professional and made the evening enjoyable for everyone. I would highly recommend the service. 5 STARS for UNWIND. Santa Monica working mom”

~Terry Randerson~

“U N W I N D spa is more than a feel good massage. It’s a holistic approach with appropriate stretches for posture correction and pain relief that has enabled me to get off my arthritis injections! Instead of paying for meds, I see Monica weekly. I would never give up my weekly sessions.”

~Jeny Melamed~

“My massuese Monica’s healing hands relieved not only my hands and feet which are chemically burning from my chemo treatment (hand and feet syndrome), but completely removed the pain from my knee and ankle which is caused from (PPS) Post Polio Syndrome.

I cannot be grateful enough for her skill and knowledge of targeting the areas that need the healing and the overall meditative calmness after her treatments.

I highly recommend this service and especially Monica. They have a treatment plan designed for Cancer patients so please check this out!!!”    

~Kelli Buhr~

“If you’re in need of more than just a relaxing massage, I highly recommend, Monica’s  U N W I N D spa. When I’m in Los Angeles, Monica is my first call. Her team brings the relaxation to you, and you just can’t beat that. Too many massage therapists these days just have their own routine; But, for Monica’s Spa Therapists, every patient is an individual with a unique need. I’ve told many of my associates, and they all agree that every session was amazing. Personally, I have found that the effects of her massages are cumulative and a course of massage treatments will bring the most benefits. Great gifts for the body and soul. Do your body a favor, buy your sessions in sets.”

~DaCarla Kilpatrick, digital Tech Sales instructor at Streetside Stories~

“Monica is truly one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever known. She has great energy and an intuitive sense that is unparalleled – she knows exactly where to work on your body to relax the muscles… and she always has great music too :)”

~Karen Minutelli~

Monica is a gifted Massage Therapist, both in skill and in that soft intuitive touch that is essential in high-quality bodywork. She is diverse in her approach and is able to respond to her clients’ needs. As a former bodyworker myself, my standards are rather high. And she meets every one of them with flying colors! I can’t recommend her highly enough.” 

~Jordan Hoffman, L.Ac., Dipl. OM~

“I have used Monica’s company several times for myself when I really needed a massage. I have also recommended her to others and heard only the best things! Monica runs a great company and is a leader in her field.”

~Erin Gromfin (Eskovitz)~

“Imagine having a relaxing massage or a wonderful facial without having to do more than schedule an appointment and open your door. Monica’s company – UNWIND Mobile Spa provides experienced,wonderful experts who make you feel completely relaxed. When you want a special treat give her a call – you will be happy you did! Event Planner”

~Julie Pryor~

“Me quedé en el Standard Hotel y llamé para que me dieran un masaje, me atendió Monica y me dejó relajadísimo. La recomiendo encarecidamente, es muy profesional y experta. ¡Gracias Monica!”

~Jose Luis~

“Bringing the Spa experience to the comfort of your home not only demonstrates uniqueness but shows the owner’s emphasis on personalizing every visit. UNWIND is a beautiful touch to the business world!”

~Katie Redar~

“Monica came to my rescue when my back was in spasm – coming to my home over the holiday. She has a wonderful touch and a lovely presence. Call her now!”



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