Meditation | Chakras | Psychic Readings

BulletLeaf Guided Meditation

A simple way to relax the entire body, clear the mind, concentrate on breathing, enter into a deep state of relaxation & inner stillness which can lead to a more joyous and productive way of life. Many people prefer guided meditation because it REQUIRES NO PREVIOUS TRAINING OR EFFORT TO ENJOY!


BulletLeaf Crystal Meditation

The group is gifted the crystal that the meditation is focused around allowing each participant to feel how crystals may enhance their meditation experience.


BulletLeaf Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing sonic meditation ~ explores the colors and locations of each chakra creating balance and alignment of the energy field.


BulletLeaf Empowerment Dancing

The human body is a Divine and beautiful vehicle of expression, a storyteller teller of sorts. For a dancer to move freely without thought or hesitation she enters a self-sufficient state of bliss, a vortex of magical energy that is very much a trance like state of euphoria. In this meditative space where time becomes still and the dancer’s movements are gateways into otherworldly dimensions, the human spirit is elevated to expand magnificently into the purest of Light and Love. This is the art connecting with yourself and allowing your true AUTHENTIC self to exist. This is pure Love.

BulletLeaf Psychic / Intuitive Readings

A Psychic / Intuitive Reader will do his or her best to connect with your energetic patterns which will allow them to receive information that is in sync with your past & present actions. Once the information is received and shared the client has the power to decide what the information means and how to apply it into his or her life.