Facials & Henna Art


U N W I N D Facial
Facials are a delightful treatment to beautify the face and relax your entire body. An esthetician will steam, cleanse, extract, rejuvenate and moisturize your face allowing you to restore your natural glow. Also, your therapist will gently massage your hands and feet while you are steaming and moisturizing.  Facials play an important roll in self-care and may brighten your day and your skin.

1574R-02077Spa Party Facials
A luxurious addition to any spa party.  There are several options and you decide which one is right for you and your guests.  One option is to receive full one hour facials with steaming, cleansing, extracting, moisturizing and hand & foot massage.  Another direction is a 30 minute facial which includes steaming, cleansing, moisturizing & hand massage.  The shortest option is to have 15 minute facials that consist of cleansing & moisturizing.

Pricing:  $175+
Peels ~ $70+
Anti-Aging Treatments ~ $250+

Henna Art
The tattoo itself is then either applied by using a stencil or by drawing freehand. Thick broad strokes can be made using the makeshift Ziploc bag cone. Small intricate strokes can be made with a toothpick. A henna tattoo that is properly taken care of can last for a few weeks. Avoid getting the tattoo wet for the first day after it is applied and do not get oil, detergents, or bleach on it at any time to prolong its life.

Pricing: $175+