Mobile Massage Los Angeles

mobile massage los angeles

U N W I N D Mobile Massage
Our signature massage, which is specific to your body’s needs. You communicate to your therapist what’s happening in your body and together you will create the perfect massage!

BulletLeafSwedish Massage
Your therapist will use gentle pressure combined with flowing movement to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, promote relaxation and improve flexibility.

BulletLeafCouples U N W I N D Massage
This is a wonderful way to spend quality time with a friend, partner, lover or spouse. Each of you will receive a massage that is specifically catered to your needs. You will have your own therapist and will receive your sessions simultaneously on side by side massage tables.

BulletLeafSports Massage
Is a combination of long flowing strokes, stretching and / or trigger points. The long flowing strokes carry oxygenated blood to the muscle tissue while stretching allows the muscles to lengthen and applying pressure to trigger points assists in the break down of adhesions. This type of massage is requested by athletes who desire optimal performance and non-athletes who seek relief from chronic pain.

BulletLeafCraniosacral Therapy                                                                                                A gentle approach that works to alleviate a range of sensory, motor or neurological disorders. The craniosacral system consists of the membranes & fluid that surround & protect the brain & spinal cord as well as the attached bones including the skull, face & mouth, which make up the cranium and sacrum. Your therapist listens to this system and assists the body in releasing restrictions which it had been unable to overcome on its own.

BulletLeafLymphatic Massage
A technique used to help increase lymph flow. Increased lymph flow removes harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function.

BulletLeafPregnancy Massage
It’s all about the proper positioning for both mother & baby and it can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Each organ or part of the body is represented on the hands, feet & ears so that when your therapist applies pressure it stimulates the flow of energy, blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses to the corresponding organ or body part.

A hands-on technique that promotes balance as it restores our health & physical harmony, soothes emotional stress, quiets the mind, & reconnects us to our spirit.

BulletLeaf30 Minute Add-Ons
For an extra dose of relaxation, we can also provide a relaxing aromatherapy treatment, a heavenly 30-minute foot & lower leg massage, an exquisite 30-minute scalp massage, a tranquil 30-minute hand and arm massage or a simply divine 30-minute facial massage.

$140 for 60 minutes
$210 for 90 minutes
$280 for 120 minutes
$70 per 30 minute add-on