Office Party Planning

There is a recession going on. There are always winners and losers in any economic climate. The winners in a recession are the ones who take advantage of those competitors who have hunkered down or gone out of business. In order to take advantage of this golden moment in time, you may want to find a way to incentivise your sales and customer service staff to push harder and smarter. And if a spa party is good enough for Google employees, surely there must be some benefit to the idea.

Or maybe your staff has already proven their metal in these trying times. A big time thank you for a job well done will go a long way towards keeping their eye on the ball in the weeks to come. Do you suppose that they would be impressed if a mobile spa team walked through the door?

Possibly the recession is the last thing on your mind. Your company is rockin’ and rollin’ despite this tough year. But all that growth is taking a toll on the troops. At some point their work product is going to begin to reflect the stress and the strain of being overworked and under the gun. What better way to U N W I N D all those wound up folks than a major pampering by highly trained massage therapists.

Determine what you are trying to achieve with this incentive or thank you gift. Just like a bonus, a sales contest, or any internal promotion, you want the cost to be in line with your expectations for what will be produced by that promotion. Compared to a trip for two to Hawaii, this is a very low cost way to get the response you’re looking for. It is certainly more expensive than an employee of the month trophy, but one might suspect that the benefit will be longer lasting and greatly appreciated.

Once you have a budget in mind, start with the decision on how much of that cost will go for actual spa services. Then take a look at the secondary items such as food and beverage. No one will notice if you’re serving Arizona Ice tea or no brand diet coke in this environment.

If you would like help in designing the incentive, give us a call. We have third party planners who can assist you.