If you are a non profit or charitable organization, it is no secret that recessions hit you the hardest. Becoming resourceful in finding ways to get folks to keep giving is critical. There are dozens of ways that you can use a spa party to crank up the giving. Let’s start with five, and you will undoubtedly think of more.

1. Raffle off a spa party, or two, or three. Here’s one quick way. 1st prize Mom’s Night In for 8 with hotel room (value $1595) or without hotel room (value $1165.) 2nd Prize Couples UNWINDING massage party at home (value $580.) 3rd prize UNWIND signature massage for one at home (value $290) 4th, 5th, and 6th prizes might be massage book, oils, and candles for do it yourself home massage (value $210 – $70 each.)

Sometimes you can ask major supporters of you organization to pay for these items. Now purchase 5000 raffle tickets at $2 each (or any other combination to raise $10,000. You may be able to sell advertising space on the raffle tickets.

The simplest way to sell the tickets is to ask your top friends of the group to purchase $250 each and sell to their friends. Or have a contest to see who sells the most, with another single massage as the prize. Or, you can distribute the coupons to members, who bring back stubs and cash as collected.

Give yourself at least 8 weeks to raise the $10,000.

2. Have a Spa Party or several. Invite your regular givers to come on various nights to have a relaxing interlude in their busy schedule. Provide a complete night of fun, relaxation, and of course, pampering. Figure all of your costs, and double this as the ticket price for each participant. At the party, have other opportunities for them to give.

3. Have an auction for various spa treatments. This can be done best by making it part of a function that is already planned and will have maximum attendance. Take out a half hour or 45 minutes to auction off spa parties, couples massage, single treatments, packages, or any other thing you can think of. If the group that will be in attendance has some high rollers, don’t be afraid to come up with an evening that includes dinner, limo service, a hotel room and one of our spa packages. The more outlandishly out of the ordinary it sounds, the higher the bidding. Clearly the bidding has to start at the base cost of each item you are auctioning off.

4. Use various spa and massage treatments as gifts, prizes, etc. to incentivise your membership or donation drives. Here are some ideas

5. Are your fundraising folks going to be manning the phones, standing in a booth, or doing some other tedius task for a few hours or longer. Bring in massage therapists to keep up the motivational levels and the appreciation for the leadership.