Gift Cards

Gift Cards and Certificates

We have a very nice gift card available for you to give to friends or family. You can put any amount on the card that you like, and the card can be used for any service or product for up to one year. If for some reason the card is not able to be used during that one year period, your friend only need call us before it expires and we will add more time.

Spa Services

Promotional Gift

Have you ever received one of those big baskets full of cheeses and chocolates and other goodies from a supplier or from someone you do business with? Makes you feel pretty special, huh? Besides, there is so much good stuff in there that you just can’t help thinking good stuff about that business. Today, you get a nice engraved card in the mail with a simple gift inside. Call U N W I N D and they will send out a massage therapist to your home or office to unwind you from the stresses of the day, and help take out the kinks of life and limb. Stay with me now . . . Basket of goodies or massage? Massage or basket of goodies? I’m guessing your thinking what I’m thinking. Easy choice. Your clients will think so, too.

Customer Incentive

The least expensive way to increase your sales and profit is always by finding ways to sell more product or service to your existing customers. There are many ways to accomplish this. Lower the price, give longer terms, create preseason incentives, come up with a display, add more product or services. The list of possibilities is long. One really great and inexpensive way to get this result, is to offer a prize to the owner, the sales team, customer service team, or others who are the rainmakers for that business. The buyer usually figures he should be in on the deal, but alas, not usually.

The prize can be for sales increases, adding the most product, opening new accounts, or some combination of all of these plus ontime payments, instore display placements, etc. The prize can be for anyone who achieves certain results, or it can be for one or more winners of a contest. There are thousands of possibilities for prizes in such contests. One of the hardest things for marketing people to figure out is what prize will have universal appeal. Some folks might already have a 42″ flatscreen so there not that excited. Maybe not everyone likes to go to Vegas. Do you know anyone who wouldn’t want a massage therapist to come to their home and do the magic?

To make the potential for U N W I N D mobile spa as a customer incentive even more interesting, the range of prize values is very wide. Therefore it is possible to use massage as the prize in almost any contest.