About Spa Parties


In the 60’s it was any excuse for a party. The 70’s gave us the fondu party. The 80’s kicked off the later-the-better party which led to raves. The new century would appear to be a time when we are ready to take a break from stress with the new hot tip in parties – the SPA party.

Held in hotel rooms, homes, outdoor locations or offices, the spa party might be held to celebrate a birthday, wedding, bas mitzvah, team building or to bond over a common goal of health & wellness . Other times they are the perfect way to have an appreciation for those who mean the most to you, create a memorable baby shower, or put together a special Mom’s night out.

EVERY SPA PARTY IS UNIQUE!!! Almost all Spa parties feature massage therapists, with some expanding to include guided meditation, yoga, psychic / intuitive readings and nail services. Monica Kenyon: owner of UNWIND explains, “Our goal is to create a safe & welcoming environment in the host or hostess’s desired location for all guests to experience a sense of wellness, joy & peace.”

Unwind offers Swedish Massage, Guided Meditation, Deep Tissue Massage, Joyous Dance, Reflexology, Reiki, Psychic / Intuitive Card Reading, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure, Chakra Balancing, Lymphatic Massage, Crystal Healing, Couples Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Henna Art, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials & Yoga. To request other services, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate. It is unlike any other kind of party you’ll ever attend and an opportunity to connect on a deeper level of consciousness.

No one seems to know for sure where the Spa Party concept got its start, but it might have been another Google invention. There is so much lore about how the employees at Google are pampered, included the massages. Or possibly it was an outcropping of the movie business, where mobile spa operators have been called to remote movie sets for years. Whatever the origin, it has caught on and people certainly enjoy the experience.

One of the benefits of having an Unwind spa party at your location of choice is that we have no age limitation (as long as we have the parent’s consent), and in this fast paced world, the teenager needs the benefits of massage therapy, guided meditation & yoga as much as anyone. Of course, young teens are also totally interested in help with their skin and nails. So parties for kids from 10 and up are a huge hit.

Some who might be interested in holding a spa party in their condo or apartment sometimes worry that there isn’t enough space, but Monica says this is not an issue, “We can handle eight people in almost any apartment or other small venue by using chair massage. We come out early enough to rearrange things to make the entire experience safe, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

When you are ready to book your Spa Party and feel a sense of wellness, joy & peace for your next employee appreciation day, company picnic, birthday party, or just because, call Monica Kenyon of Unwind at 877-577-7228 or 310-684-3957.